Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cvlt Nation Interview, Axes To Grind Review, Demo 7"

Here's to two posts in ten minutes.

First and most important -- Diseased Audio will soon be releasing/repressing our demo on 7" vinyl. More info on that soon but, in the mean time, get amped and check out the rest of their stuff. You will not be disappointed.

Second -- We did an interview with the mighty Cvlt Nation thanks to Holy Mountain Printing. Check it out here.

Third -- Axes To Grind did a review of our demo and our upcoming split with Shackles (Australia). Top notch site. Check the review here.

Finally -- Speaking of the upcoming split with Shackles, our half of it is up on our Bandcamp where you can stream and download it for a buck. This will be released on pro-dubbed cassette and 7" vinyl later this year. We also have a few left of the limited diy tour-edition run. Send an email if you want a copy of that.

Here's the cover art for the split. Stay tuned.

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